Read the topic, Discuss, Vote. The only winner of this game is the tribe! This game is best played with 3 or more people. 2 people will do, especially if just want to eat Suya Bros suya and yell out YOU DEY CRAZE?! 

For ages 15+ 


How to play: 

Free for all! 


Game Master (GM)

Picks and reads the topics. 
Moderates the conversation  

Keeper of Time (KM)

Sets and monitors the timer 

How to play

  • The GM will pick and read the topics from the deck. 
    • Suggestion: Flip through the deck and pick 10 topics and have them ready before the game starts 
  • Everyone should listen carefully as the topic is being read out. 
  • KM will then start a timer for 3-5 mins
    • Set the time the best for the size and energy of your group
  • GM will decide who starts off the conversation. 
  • When you speak, state if you agree or disagree with the topic and why
  • When the timer goes off, everyone except the GM has to close their eyes
  • The GM will say, "VOTE"
  • Using a thumbs up or thumbs down, everyone indicate wether or not they agree (thumbs up) or disagree (thumbs down) with the topic. 

The tribe (majority) wins! 

21+: losers take a shot